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      Women v Men In Media

      Women v Men In Media

      The persistent gender imbalance in the media continues. To pull back and look at it from it’s most base level, we can look at the cover of any men’s magazine, but let's take GQ for example, and see the differences in how the genders are portrayed.

      While it is true that GQ is a men’s magazine and thus their target audience is not young women or really women at all, this is the perfect, albeit a tad obvious, example to look at when discussing gender in the media. These are just three examples, but there is an overarching trend in print that the less a woman wears the more someone will be interested in “what she has to say”, whether it’s really what she has to say or what her body is trying to tell you is also up for your own interpretation.

      We are saying that it is time to wake up to what the media is doing. They are portraying men as strong, confident and macho and portraying women as fragile, non-dominant, or solely sex objects.