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      The concept for Yzill came from Seda's MSc. dissertation thesis. Seda was shocked and appalled at the uneven distribution of wealth and power between men and women around the globe. She also learnt that women were suffering poor treatment, unequal pay and in some cases violence in different areas of life and couldn't understand how that had happened, given that women hold the majority of the consumer spending power, so she decided it was time to make a change. The jewellery brand and online store Yzill was founded in February 2020 by three women, Seda and her business partners Christine and Melis, two of whom comes from a developing country that struggles with womens' issues, and they therefore have first hand experience of a number of these issues. Womens' issues globally include oppression, not having control over their own body (i.e. not being allowed abortions), sexual violence, not having the right to hold office or make legal contracts, not having equal rights or pay at work, not having equal rights to own property or have an education.  

      Jewellery With a Purpose 

      Seda wanted to help with womens' issues and therefore 10% of the Yzill net profits will go towards the Yzill Foundation. Seda believes that by building womens' confidence and educating women on an individual level, it will empower them to not accept inequality on a larger scale. She also just feels that there is something very unjust about women having such a large proportion of the spending power, but also getting treated unequally in many countries in the work place, in education, in politics and in business. Women do two-thirds of the world’s work, receive 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the means of production. Women hold about 70% of global consumer spending power, creating a collective power or taking collective action in order to achieve social change for women won't be delayed any further with the inception of Yzill. Workshops from the Yzill Foundation that work to give women their confidence back and help them to gain a skill will empower them. As women want to participate in something bigger and more proactive to make the world a better place, Yzill aims to build a jewellery brand focused on helping to improve womens' issues. 

      We make no bones about it we are boldly targeting women, but be assured as a woman purchasing Yzill jewellery, your money will go towards other women via the Yzill Foundation.